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how we met in cambridge.

clocks striking thirteen.

i am not a saint.
8 February
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01. /emmy.
I'm Emmett and usually a very busy student, but I do come around. Aspiring academic/pathologist but currently I'm nothing but a pre-U test subject. I can be reticent, stubborn and sometimes I think too much about trivial issues. I would rather study than party (I can be boring/interesting like that) but the truth is I appreciate my enrolment in education and I wouldn't botch things up if I can help it. I love Cambridge and personally it would be wonderful if I could pursue an education there or anywhere else overseas. I am not prone to smiling and I have a fascination for people-watching, I cannot dance to save a life and I am mathematically disadvantaged. Figuring out how the world/things/people work is exciting.

02. hello.
♥ SHERLOCK HOLMES AND DR. WATSON, propaganda films, physics, Dexter, pathology, writing, psychology and House MD, to name a few things. Staring out windows undisturbed is a quiet blessing some people do not know of. My favourite book is Special Topics In Calamity Physics. I dislike having my picture taken, hugs, spicy food, public declarations of affection, public speaking, grammatical and spelling inaccuracies.

03. last notes.
I might add you to my Friends List if you do, but when it comes to people the only remedy for nervousness is time. My journal is 80% public as I have non-journal friends too but I can't always give away my secrets to any other stranger.

04. credited.
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